How Containment Simplifies ZW3D Machining

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Published: 17th February 2011
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For any CAD/CAM system, there are always lots of operations that can be used to meet the manufacturing requirements. Z-level is a popular ZW3D machining operation which is generally used to machine steep surfaces or steep areas of a part. General machining practice dictates that in order to get good surface finish, it's important to choose the correct tool path operation. Sometimes it may be necessary, to restrict or contain the tool path to a particular region of the part.

This article describes how to control and contain tool path for Z-level machining in ZW3D. Here are a few of the available choices:

1. Z direction: You can select the Top and Bottom option to define the machining height or the machining area between two points generally in the Z-axis (Figure 1)

Figure 1
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